2017-2018 AATI National Italian Exam

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the 2017-2018 Italian Nation Exam.Two of the number one students in the nation, in their level and category,are ISPA students. For level 1, congratulations to Melanie Florich, and for level 5 congrats to Luna Andrea Gavioli!

2016-2017 AATI National Italian Exam Congratulations to all the participants!

184 schools across the nation, a total of 5,465 students, participated in the National Italian High School Examination Contest. ISPA is pleased to announce the following results:
Congratulations to Michelle Ferrari who won 1st place in the level 5C. She won $500 and a 2-week study abroad scholarship to travel and study in Taormina, Italy.

LEVEL 1  5th place Alejandro Galella 

Honorable Mention: Alejandra S. Alfonso, Daniella Ospina, Hannah Moraga Roman, Sophia Jarjour

LEVEL 2  5th place Denisse Capdevila and Katherine Yanes

Honorable Mention: Sofia Alvarado, Daniela Yerena

LEVEL 3  Honorable Mention : Paula Rodriguez, Olivia Hernandez


LEVEL 2 Honorable Mention : Maria Serafim, Victoria Fernandez, Katherin Hernandez


Eduitalia, an association of 80 qualified schools and Universities that offer courses for foreign students in Italy, is proud to support the Embassy of Italy in Washington D.C., in their important initiative to promote Italian language and culture within the United States. Only students who take the AP® Italian Language and Culture exam in May 2017 are eligible. The scholarships will allow winners to have an unforgettable study abroad language experience in Italy. The winners will be chosen through a random drawing that will take place at the School Office of the Italian Embassy in Washington, D.C.
The Winner is... Khloey Jean-Baptiste. Enjoy Italy!
The grant includes: enrolment, classes, accommodation, teaching material and extracurricular activities.


Philip Matteini testimonial: My experience in Pisa and the Mediterranean Language Institute was very unique, and it opened my eyes to a new world. When my Italian teacher spoke to me of an opportunity to go to study and live alone in Italy for two weeks, I was immediately interested because I had never done such a thing in my life as a student. After finishing the examination AP, I thought about how I could improve my knowledge of the Italian language even more than in previous years. So, when my teacher said to me: "Oh, Philip, you know that scholarship to study abroad, you've won it!", I was pretty excited to say the least. Then, aftersome time, and then a little more”, I simply could not stop thinking of Pisa. After a period that seemed to last ten years, missing only one week at the beginning of my time in Pisa, and I noticed that in combination with the anticipation, I was very nervous. I could not wait to start, but at the same time it was my first time in life to get out of my own comfort zone. My first day was full in every sense. Full of culture, lessons, and entertainment. That day, I met people from all over the world who immediately showed me to his culture. It's been well all day, learning something new in the classroom, and out. The perhaps most key parts of my experience were the moments that I could achieve with the fellow students of the school. Spending days at beach, to go see the “Game of Bridge” (The historical inter-city game of Pisa), I never felt alone. Pisa setting was perfect for my first time "alone", a very friendly but also fun and lively. Altogether, my time spent in Pisa was enjoyable, exciting, and memorable.


The Euro Challenge is an educational competition designed to introduce high school students to the European Union and the global economy. A team of 5 students prepared a presentation that describes the current economic environment in the Euro Area and then addressed a particular economic challenge that affects Italy: slow economic growth. Students explained how this problem affects Italy and proposed policy recommendations to solve the problem.
Congratulation to the ISPA team that won the National round and advanced to the semifinal round in New York City at Federal Reserve Bank on April 19.
Hard work brings great rewards!


Congratulation to the Italian Team! 1st place in the 3D Project about an Italian festival, 1st place in drama and 2nd place overall.


Congratulation to the Italian team! We ranked 1st place overall! 1st place in the 3D project about an Italian monument, and 2nd place in the Drama.


I am very proud of my team! We ranked 3rd at the Florida Euro Challenge Competition. We addressed the problem of unemployment in Italy and proposed policy to solve the problem.