Never in my life would I have imagined graduating with the ability to speak a third language, but this is the advantagous situation I find myself in as prepare to move forward into college. ISPA has been one of the greastest gifts with which I have been blessed, and I owe all of my linguistic accomplishments to my wonderful Italian teacher, Mrs. Elisa Oliverio. Now, I will go into the world and use every aspect of my valuable knowledge to achieve greatness in the name of my Alma Mater. 

Olivia Hernandez, I.E. Senior Student.

When I was accepted into ISPA, I knew I would graduate having learned a new language, but I never imagined I would have learned to this extent. These past four years have been the most culturally enrichining, due to Mrs. Oliverio. I walked in the door not being able to even properly introduce myself, and I am now leaving feeling comfortable enough to live in Italy if the opportunity were to arise. Not only did I get to learn another language, I was able to fully understand another country's mentality & values that make up the vibrancy that is Italian culture; this is what makes this program stand out from the standard "high school french class." 

Matthew A. Roca, I.E. Senior Student

The Italian Program has offered me many amazing oppurtunities. I have attended operas, met famous italian singers, and even had the chance to host an italian exchange student. In this program I have learned not only the italian language but also so much about the culture. My experience hosting an Italian student was probably one of the best things I've done. She taught me so much about Italy and I taught her all that I could about the United States. I also got the chance to meet a famous Italian pop duo 'Benji e Fede', we went to an intimate concert and then we even got the chance to meet them! These past four years have been some of the best; not only were the events amazing but so was the leadership. Ms. Oliverio showed us a whole new world that we were not aware of, she's not only a teacher but a role model. 

Paula Rodriguez, I.E. Senior Students

From the moment I stepped foot in ISPA, I became enchanted by the variety of languages and cultures. Little did I know that I would be adding a new language to my knowledge. After studying Italian language and culture thoroughly for four years, I can proudly say I am tri-lingual. The Italian program has opened my eyes to a completely new culture, and has allowed me to make new connections in the world. I have additionally gained the Italian family I never had. I am more than glad to have been part of this program at ISPA and hope to further polish my understanding of the Italian language.

Nina Perdomo, I.E. Senior Student.

Entering ISPA as a freshman four years ago, I was excited to learn a new language. However, I had no idea how culturally enriching the Italian IE program was. I did not simply learn a new language, but immersed myself in a foreign, but uniquely vibrant culture. Students won't only learn a  language, but be able to  comprehend the Italian perspective on many real world issues, as well as, underastand more about the world around them. 

Veronica Rodriguez, I.E. Senior Student

 When I started the I.S. program I was overwhelmed surrounded by students that came stright from Italy. But this situation pushed me to put more effort into studying the Italian language and culture. In I.S.P.A. I had the opportunity to work with peers that were native italians, enriching my learning experience. Today I am proud to say that I am the President of the Italian Honors Society, representing the Italian Academy and all its students. 

Lesliany Vargas, I.S. Senior Student, IHS President